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Why know the Signs of a stroke and An Urgent Plea!!!

Side Bar< This post contains some duplicate copy from the "Why know the Signs of a Stroke" post on my Signs of Stroke blog Reason being Steve Mallory is right now making an Urgent Plea for help on behalf of the Stroke Network and it needs to be seen by as many eyes as possible. Thanks for reading and I do hope that you find this information to be helpful.

Why know the Signs of a Stroke?

That is a very good question. Why should you know the signs of a stroke?

Well knowing the signs of a stroke can save someones life or improve the odds against suffering a devastating disability. Maybe even your own.

Heart and Stroke people tell us that time is brain. That means that the faster that you can get a person to medical help the less amount of brain damage occurs.

Why is that important? Well when brain cells die they are gone and can never regenerate. That means that whatever function that part of the brain controls may be lost or impaired for good. After a stroke you can never go back to the "normal" that you knew before your stroke.

To help you understand that fact from a stroke survivors point of view, you can read an unpublished article that was given to me by it's author a five plus year survivor. They have kindly allowed me to publish their article on my "Signs of a Stroke" bog.

Knowing the signs of a stroke can save lives and help to keep brain damage to a minimum. BUT many thousands of people experience stroke every day around the globe. One of the best (if not the best) online stroke support groups was started 11 years ago by a stroke survivor Steve Mallory. Steve lives in the Eastern US and has spent many thousands of hours of his time visioning, building and maintaining This site has helped countless stroke survivors over the past eleven years including me.

Steve is right now making "an urgent plea" across the net for help.

Click the "Click here to find out more" link (below) to read Steve's entire article in PDF format.

Click here to find out more

Thank You again for taking valuable time out of your busy day to read this post.

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