Sunday, January 14, 2007


Strokenet Newsletter

Welcome Back

I would like to introduce you to a great stroke survivor and caregiver resource namely the Strokenet Newsletter.

Lin Wiseman has been and is still doing an awsome job of putting this newsletter together each month. The January 2007 issue is available from this site as well as the archive that contains a good collection of back issues all the way back to January 2001.

Congratulations Lin on doing a fabulous job with the Strokenet Newsletter over the years.

Check out the January 2007 issue to learn about Stem Cell research and treatment. Steve Mallory includes links on this subject in his peice that are awsome.

Enjoy this great newsletter and sign up to have it sent to you by email monthly (the 1st of every month.)

Check out the whole Strokenet website (awsome) and be sure to join the group. (membership is open to survivors and caregivers)

Smiles :o)


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